Choice in Education Survey

Dear Catholic Education Stakeholder and Supporter,

Catholic Education is alive and well in Alberta, educating more than 180,000 students across our province.  Excellent academic learning within a faith-based community is the hallmark of Alberta’s Catholic Schools.  In our celebrations of Catholic Education Sunday on November 3, the Bishops of Alberta reminded us of the responsibility we have to support, protect and advocate for this publicly funded gift.  (Please see the letter from the Alberta Bishops.)

The government of Alberta has recently created and distributed a survey asking Albertans to provide feedback on choice in education.  The survey link is here.  The deadline for response is December 6.

It is essential that all who support Catholic education take the time to make their voices heard.  In a recent public forum, Archbishop Smith of the Edmonton archdiocese stated: “There have been Catholic divisions throughout the country that we’ve lost largely because of apathetic Catholics.  We have to encourage everyone to be resolute because so much is at stake.  We can never grow apathetic where we’re delivering authentic Catholic formation to our children.”

Here’s what you can do to support Catholic schools:

1.      Read the attached letter from the Bishops of Alberta

2.      Complete the survey and ensure that you speak directly in support of Catholic education!

3.      Forward the survey link to friends, family and supporters and encourage them to do the same.  We need the government to receive a strong, passionate response to the questions they are asking!

Thank you!


Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education

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Bonnie Annicchiarico, PhD


Parishioner Survey for Choice in Education


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