‘A huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who gave generously to our 2019 Together in Action campaign.

Why should I support Together in Action?” Thanks to this initiative, together, we have the opportunity to create a better world and make a difference in many people’s lives as funds from our Diocesan Campaign go towards counselling, food, families, youth, and our priests (retired, deacons, and seminarians), etc.

Here’s a personal thank you from one of our projects funded by TIA at the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society:

 “I just wanted to say thank you for the thoughtful kid’s birthday bag you put together for my toddler! My husband picked up our hamper and it included a bag for my almost 2-year-old which actually brought tears to my eyes when she opened it. Please tell the kind volunteers who put together the bags that they truly made our day. The handmade card was so sweet and I could tell someone had put a lot of care into it.”

Our parish goal this year is $70,558. Please know that should we reach our goal in 2020 — the Diocese will be refunding any ‘extra donations’ to TIA back to St. Patrick’s Parish. A VERY SPECIAL thanks to all of you who have generously supported our TIA Campaign this past year — we raised nearly $30,000 in the last few months of the Campaign and I can assure you that your sacrifice and generosity truly makes a difference in the lives of many.’

-Fr. Jerome Lavigne, Shepherd’s Perspective, March 1, 2020.

We will be profiling Grant recipients for the next few weeks!

This week—Hospice Calgary. Fiona McColl, Interim Director of Sage Care, writes the following:

Dear Parishioners of the Diocese,

Thank you for being a partner in compassion!

People and families access Hospice Calgary to find expert help, make connections with peers, and build hope. When they come to us, we meet them with the promise to have difficult conversations about death, dying, and grief and to respond to their needs with compassion.

Your gift makes a difference — you help our patients and clients feel connected — you help create an environment of care and support!

Your support helps people like Doug:

“I can now envision the counselling support my wife, children and grandchildren will receive, and I can concentrate on living, not dying. Despite our shared journey nearing its end, I have learned to put my energy into life and legacy instead of concern and worry.”

Thank you for being a community champion and helping people in very challenging times. We are so grateful for your generosity.

Fiona McColl
Interim Executive Director
Sage Centre | Rosedale Hospice | Children’s Grief Centre

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