St. Patrick’s parish is participating in Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK). We seek volunteers to prepare the healthy meals in the parish kitchen, to deliver them to the schools, and to do the grocery shopping. Meal preparation takes place in the mornings on Monday and Wednesday. Please contact the Parish Office for further details.

BB4CK is a registered Charitable Organization and partners with 220 Calgary schools to ensure healthy lunches are provided to over 4000 students who would otherwise go without. Lunch is provided to schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12. 58% of the schools are cared for and serviced by community groups like ours. Each day lunches and snacks are made and delivered by volunteers working the BB4CK’s downtown kitchen and in community kitchens across the city. Each lunch is expected to cost a maximum of $2/lunch but with the generosity of our parishioners we can reduce the cost even further.

Learn more about this program here.